We are a local business having the same owner/operator since 1990, and we always deliver the sevices you need at the price we quote. No hidden fees, no 19.95 specials or bogus 15 min response times. We quote honest dollar amounts and time frames.  Most jobs are routine and can be quoted exactly. We have been here for 22 years and will be here for at least 22 more so you can always depend on us. We sell and install only quality products that we can stand behind.


Our concern is always your saftey and security, we are licensed in Life saftey and Property Protection by the La. State fire Marshalls' Office, unlike many of our competitors. We are also fully Certified, Lic, bonded and insured to handle
everything from Military Bases to fast-food chains or hospitals etc.

We keep our education and credentials up to date, to keep the customer safe and provide the best possible service and products meeting any needs our clients may have. By the summer of 2012 the La. State Fire Marshalls' Office will mandate and enforce yearly fire-door certification, We will be one of only a couple locksmiths in the city Certified to do this BEFORE it's mandated, just as an example. Building and fire codes are constantly changing, and we are here to help keep you compliant and within your budget.

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